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In my career I have had the pleasure of being responsible
 for equipment operation and maintenance, held the positions
of team leader, shift supervisor,

 EMS Coordinator,Loss Control and Safety Manager.
Providing team building opportunities for corporations
 as an OSHA/MSHA trainer

I have worked surface, underground coal, metal,
nonmetal and most recently rail services.

A Safety cunsultant should enable you and your company to champion safety.
I want to meet your people, see your jobsites
and help you to provide a culture of safety and health for all employees.


 Including NEPA Fire Safety Training





MSHA Part 46 regulations require that New Miners complete a minimum of 24 hours of training within their first 90 days of employment,
 4 hours of which must be completed prior to beginning work at the mine.

The Surface Miner Training curriculum parallels the required and suggested topics outlined in the Part 46 federal regulations
addressing miner training. These key topics are grouped into the following nine activities that make up the Surface Miner Training curriculum:

  • Introduction to the Mining Environment
  • Hazard Recognition and Avoidance
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Health and Safety Aspects of Tasks and Operations
  • Hazard Reporting Rules and Procedures
  • Statutory Rights of Miners
  • Line of Authority
  • Respiratory Devices
  • First Aid

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